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New Mexico Press Women Awards 2017

Sherry Robinson: First place, Award of Excellence, first and third in personal opinion columns, first in photography, second and third in business reporting, second in history.

Merilee Dannemann: First place, personal blog.

National Federation of Press Women Awards 2017

Merilee Dannemann: Third place, personal blog.

New Mexico Press Association Better Newspaper Awards 2017

Sherry Robinson: Second place, series or continuing coverage

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The great national monuments review has fizzled

New Mexico's banks are too small

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A gleam of hope after 43 years of sexual harassment cases

By Sherry Robinson


Local employment rules are divisive and burdensome

By Merilee Dannemann

Legislative coverage

Special session wrapup


We know New Mexico. We've lived, worked and played here. We understand the state's history.  

Together, we have 150 years of experience writing about every corner of the state: Politics, water, employment, DWI, behavioral health and more.