Come to New Mexico, hike our trails, step over our traps

By Sherry Robinson


Oil money will continue to gush, policy care needed 

By Harold Morgan


Legislative coverage

Indigenous People's Day

Money bills

Medical marijuana reforms

DWI with child in car

Rez telecom

Energy Transition Act


Education reform

Native American issues

Criminal justice reform

Marijuana legalization

Shaking up the Game Commission

Wind power and eminent domain


Economic development

UNM regent Sandra Begay

Bingo and raffles

Student loans

Minimum wage

Coal tax

Reservation broadband

Education impact aid: Years of injustice

Public-private partnerships

Indigenous Peoples Day

Rural dental care, again

​Honoring Hispanic Civil War vets

Public service and human services

Cigarette and vaping taxes

Impact aid and Indian education

NM needs Native American social workers

Yazzie lawsuit and education bills


We know New Mexico. We've lived, worked and played here. We understand the state's history.  

New Mexico Press Women Awards 2019 -- NEW! 

Sherry Robinson: First place in personal opinion columns, first in government reporting, third in in-depth reporting, third in business reporting.

Merilee Dannemann: first place in personal blogs, second place in personal opinion columns,

New Mexico Press Association Better Newspaper Awards 2017

Sherry Robinson: Second place, series or continuing coverage

Together, we have 150 years of experience writing about every corner of the state: Politics, water, employment, DWI, behavioral health and more.

We're locally owned.

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Tax break for injured workers

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